First aid statistics

…more than 1.2 million people die per year from road traffic accidents [1]Green first aid logo

…in 2009, 1,099 children (under 14) under died from unintentional suffocation in the United States [2]

> Learn first aid for choking

58% of people in the UK wouldn’t feel confident giving first aid in an emergency situation [3]

24% would do nothing at all! Start learning first aid

…you can learn CPR in 40 seconds by watching the British Heart Foundation’s TV advert

one in seven teenagers have been in an emergency situation due to a friend drinking too much alcohol [4]

and four out of five young people say that they would feel safer if they had some first aid knowledge





One comment on “First aid statistics
  1. Jeff says:

    Shocked at the statistics for 1.2 million road deaths per year. Is that figure worldwide or just for the United States?

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